Arabic with JHUMA

When: Tuesdays*, 7-8 PM

Where: Interfaith Center 
IFC Address: 3509 North Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21218 
Thomas is an undergraduate studying Arabic who will be volunteering his time to teach Arabic for JHUMA. This program intends to accomodate whoever wishes to attend and extends from learning the basics to the more complex nuances of Modern Standard Arabic.
The class will also incorporate an analysis of Quranic Arabic (from a linguistic perspective) thought the semester.
It’s pretty flexible and if you have any ideas for the class please submit them via the “submit feedback” form.

CLASS TWO: 10/6/15                                  Arabic Education and Surah-Al-‘Alaq

CLASS ONE: 9/28/15                                  Introductions and Surah-Al-‘Alaq